In order to help you get the vehicle prepared for loading and securement, we offer a wide variety of various Accessories to make the job a lot easier on your end. These products are designed to save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to preparing the vehicle for transit. Each one is built from high-quality materials for longer lasting service, allowing you to reuse the same product for multiple vehicles time and time again. Although many of them may not be necessary to get the job done, they do make the vehicle recovery and towing job so much smoother.


Accessories That Save Time & Stress

These accessories include our selection of auto positioning dollies that help maneuver the disabled vehicle to the right position for easier maintenance and loading along with our lineup of Collins Dollies, In The Ditch Dollies, REDiJacks, and GoJaks as well as durable air bags that lift the vehicle for easier access....

When it comes to hardware, we ensure that you are getting the best quality available in this industry, offering superior durability and toughness to last longer. We carry a range of accessories that emphasize optimal strength for the types of jobs that need them the most. Our container eye links establish a solid connection point that allows you to hook the lifting strap to a shipping container for a much more reliable hold. The door tools give you easier access into a locked vehicle while the strong Balldog Plus functions as a multiple use hitch attachment device. These are only a few examples, and there are plenty more tools available to make the job much more effortless.

For getting the vehicle up onto the loading ramp, we offer a variety of different types of Tire Skates to make the process so much smoother. These skates are incredibly easy to use and provide a reliable means of guiding the large vehicle up onto the trailer with minimum interference. They are available in a range of sizes and colors with interlocking teeth and handle options.

Besides securement, straps can be used for a wider variety of applications. For example, our high-quality Steering Wheel Locks are designed to hold the vehicle’s steering wheel in place so that it isn’t shifting around during transit or during the loading process. The sling straps offer a strong grip that you can trust while the towing kit comes with exactly what you need to transport the more expensive exotic vehicles with greater care.

For keeping your workspace and garage clear of debris and litter, we offer a variety of solid trash cans for you to store whatever you need. These trash cans offer quick and easy access in order to promote a cleaner and much more spacious work environment. We also carry the trash can mounts that make installing these cans in easy-to-access areas on your work truck or around your garage so much easier.

Our selection of WreckMaster Products keeps you ready to effectively secure the vehicle for transportation, providing you with exactly what you need to ensure that the vehicle remains immobilized on the back of the trailer. The Grade 80 Front Axle Tie-Down Kit is designed for securing the axle into the forks on your underreach while the Cruse Loop Package comes with the right strap, buckle, tailboard transformer, and wear pads needed to secure the vehicle along with an informative and handy Light-Duty Recovery DVD to keep you informed on just how to take full advantage of everything available in this kit.

We have so much more accessories available that are designed to take some of the stress of the job off of your back. From securement to securement to loading to storage, we carry a wide variety of products that can keep you working effectively.



When it comes to shifting around disabled vehicles and wrecks into a more accessible position, you need to make sure that you stay in full control throughout the process. That’s where our wide collection of Dollies comes into play. These high-quality dollies are engineered to provide heavy-duty support so that you can easily and quickly reposition the vehicle for easier loading....

Our line of RediJacks is for quick and easy auto positioning, allowing you to smoothly move a disabled vehicle into a better position. They require much less time and much less effort to get the job done. Their heavy-duty construction gives them the right amount of durability to withstand the size and weight of the vehicle. The GoJaks are our mechanical lifts and dollies that allow a single person or two people to move the vehicle along a smooth surface. Their shape is designed so that the rollers touch only the tire with no contact with the vehicle’s frame or undercarriage.

We have also integrated the Collins family of products into the B/A lineup, bringing you more of the superior quality that you have come to expect from our products. The new Collins SLX High-Speed Dolly features a safety ratchet system to help prevent accidents as well as a simplified, streamlined, and stronger frame design. The recessed bolt heads are flush with the dolly surface for a more attractive finish, offering a much more professional look. We also have replacement wheels, tires, bearings, and dust caps available to keep the dolly functioning optimally.

Not only do we have high-quality In The Ditch dollies available but also a variety of accessories and components that allow for quick and easy repairs and adjustments to the dollies while out on the road, including mounts, axle racks, and dolly straps for securement and transportation. There are also dollies available for loading motorcycles onto the deck of your carrier, allowing you to secure them with the same kind of efficiency that can be used on vehicles.



When it comes to the various tools and hardware needed to get the vehicle towing and recovery job done in a smooth and timely manner, B/A Products Co. offers some of the best in the industry, providing you with the right amounts of function ability and durability to make a difference in the job. This includes tools that make getting into the locked door of a vehicle, hoisting the vehicle or container into the air, uprighting overturned containers, buses, and heavy-duty vehicles, gaining control over the brakes of the vehicle, or creating a reliable hitch attachment to the vehicle a lot easier....

Both the container eye links and the weld-on D-Rings are designed to function as optimized holding points for securing tie-downs. The eye links can be easily installed onto the corners of shipping containers in order to establish a solid attachment point that works with the lifting straps to hoist the container upright. The D-Rings can be welded onto the work truck for a permanent and reliable anchoring point that you can trust.

We also carry a collection of In The Ditch accessories that help you outfit your work area for better tool accessibility and storage space. These include Pro Series Toolboxes for much-needed tool space along with mounts for installing the toolboxes directly in the work truck. For garbage, we have trash cans and trash can mounts of different sizes that you can install wherever needed.



B/A Products Co. carries a wide range of tire skates in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. These skates are designed to help make the process of loading the vehicle up onto the back of the trailer much smoother. They slide right under the disabled or wrecked vehicle’s tires and help guide the vehicle up the ramp, making sure that there is little to no interference so that the vehicle does not get damaged in the process. Some of the skates are for individual tires while some are wide enough to accommodate heavy-duty large tires. A few of the skates, such as the WreckMaster Tire Skates, feature interlocking teeth so that you can adjust the size of the skate for much more versatility. Additionally, we also carry the ITI Control Arm Skates, which can be used for loading vehicles with missing wheels, frozen bearings, and other issues.



Our strap and cable options available at B/A Products Co. provide you with equal amounts of support and security when it comes to preparing the vehicle for transportation. The sling straps are designed as rubber coated 3-ply straps that offer optimal versatility and durability with machined holes for easier installation. The variety of steering wheel locks we have to offer are designed to allow you to effectively lock down the vehicle’s steering wheel to prevent it from trying to shift the tires. These locks are available with a combination of claw hooks, Double J Hooks, ratchet buckles, and cam buckles. The towing kit is designed for use on exotic vehicles and comes with a low-profile V-Strap.

Trash can

Trash Cans

Having a reliable area to store your garbage can be a huge step towards cleaning up your work area or garage into a more spacious and clutter-free environment. Having a storage area for debris and other trash is also very handy when you are out on the road. That is why B/A Products Co. is offering trash cans and trash can mounts for quick and easy access to durable receptacles. These trash cans can carry between 4 gallons to 6 gallons of garbage or supplies, giving you plenty of room for extra storage around your truck or garage. The trash can mounts are incredibly easy to install around your area, and they are designed to fit most popular trash cans and transport them around with you.


WreckMaster Products

Our line of WreckMaster Products is designed to provide you with superior tie-downs and tools for securing the vehicle. These packages contain exactly what is needed for much more reliable security. The Grade 80 Front Axle Tie-Down Kit is ideal for hooking an axle into the forks on your underreach and comes with two chains, one binder, and an Application Guide Book for clearer instructions. The Cruse Loop Package comes with a high-quality recovery strap, buckle, tailboard transformer, a pair of slide-on wear pads, and a handy and information Light-Duty Recovery DVD for much more information. It also comes with a Color Application and Warning Guide for safety.

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