Grade 70 Chains

For a versatile chain that can handle a variety of applications, we recommend you try the Grade 70 Chains from B/A Products Co. These chains are engineered from high-strength carbon steel for excellent durability. They are able to maintain a strong resistance against abrasion and crushing, making them the right choice for handling some of the tougher jobs. It is excellent for stabilizing the vehicle, ensuring that it remains immobilized on the back of the truck throughout transit. Because this is one of the most common grades of chain in the industry, it has efficient versatility so that it can lend its superior strength to a variety of jobs, such as towing, securement, lifting, fire rescue, industrial, and more.


Please note that Grade 70 Chains are not approved for overhead lifting.

Most Secure Transport Chain Available

We carry a range of different Grade 70 Chains that are suitable for different types of jobs. For example, our Axle Chains are used for quickly chaining up the forward axles of the tractor when performing a rear tow. Binder Safety Chains are engineered to promote a much safer grip on the vehicle for much easier containment. Our patented Twist Lock Chains feature our high-quality Twist Lock Grab Hooks that offer one of the most secure latches in the entire towing industry. Our J Hook Chains are outfitted with a variety of our heavy-duty and reliable J Hook end fittings, which are designed to provide a solid grip on the vehicle for easier securement. The Safety Chains function for primary and secondary securement of the vehicle on all types of carriers. Lastly, we have V-Chains, which are made of two chain legs in order to provide superior support when lifting the vehicle up onto the back of the carrier....

In order to enhance the overall security capabilities of these chains, we made sure that they are equipped with some of the strongest end fittings available in this industry. From high-quality hooks to strong links to versatile clusters, we carry a variety of end fittings that are able to easily complement the strength of the Grade 70 chain. Each are engineered from only high-quality materials to offer the right amount of durability to withstand the constant demands of the road. We carry J Hooks in a variety of sizes and styles along with several grab hooks and slip hooks. Our links are strong enough to support the chain and offer a clean means of connecting the chain to other end fittings. We also have clusters that increase the functionality of the chain for maximum versatility.

Our chains are engineered to meet and exceed Department of Transportation (DOT) specifications, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) specifications, American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM) specifications, and National Association of Chain Manufacturers (NACM) specifications.

Axle chain

Axle Chains

Axle Chains are typically used for easily and quickly chaining up the forward axles of the tractors when performing a rear tow. This chain allows you to slide the thick and solid 8” J Hook between the frame rail and the tires for easier hooking to the vehicle’s axle. This can effectively save you a lot of time not spent crawling around under the truck through snow, rain, mud, or sand. The J Hook is large enough to fit most of the bigger axles while the grab hooks and slip hook allow you to adjust the length of the chain and help tighten it up for better security. The Axle Chains are available in 5/16” by 3’ sizes and come with either a grab hook and 8” J Hook or a grab hook, slip hook, and 8” J Hook.

Binder chain

Binder Chains

Our Binder Safety Chains are designed to provide you with optimal security when it comes to preparing the vehicle for transportation. These chains are engineered from high-quality steel for superior holding strength, offering a much more reliable grip on the vehicle. Keeping the vehicle stabilized and immobilized is key to safe and secure towing. These high-quality chains are more than capable of providing such safety and security as they have the durability to withstand the challenges often faced in the everyday towing industry. They are equipped with solid clevis grab hooks that enhance their hold on the vehicle, providing a sturdy and reliable grip that lasts longer. The Binder Chains are available in 5/16” by 10’, 15’, and 20’ sizes, in 3/8” by 10’, 15’ sizes, and 20’ sizes, and in 1/2" by 10’, 15’, and 20’ sizes.

Twist lock chain

Twist Lock Chains

The Twist Lock Chains features our patented Twist Lock Grab Hooks, which are engineered to provide you with one of the most reliable and secure latches on the market. Easy to install and use, the Twist Lock Grab Hook is designed to prevent accidental release of the chain from the hook connections while also preventing inadvertent re-hooking during the unloading process. These chains are ideal for use with chain-to-chain hooking, as equipment safety chains, as over-the-road safety chains, as tie-down chains, for vehicle stabilization, and in place of regular slip hooks. Offering superior security for where you need it the most, the Twist Lock Chains are available in 5/16” and 3/8” sizes with the hooks one either one end or both ends.


Hooks, Fittings, & Clusters

We carry a wide variety of high-quality and solid end fittings along with various combinations of those hooks and fittings in clusters. Each hook and fitting are designed to serve their purpose to provide you with unchallenged gripping strength and superior holding power. These hooks come in a range of sizes to fit right into the Grade 70 chain in order to create the ideal chain tie-down assembly for your vehicle. The clevis slip hook and clevis grab hook are excellent choices for making a quick connection to the right anchoring points. Our line of J Hooks includes 8” J Hooks, 15” J Hooks, Mini J Hooks, Compact J Hooks, and more, offering a much more reliable means of connecting to the vehicle’s axle and other points. Some hooks are designed for specific vehicles, such as the T Hook for General Motors/Chrysler vehicles and the R Hook for Ford vehicles. These hooks and more are available in a variety of combinations and clusters with solid links for easier attachment and usage.

J hook chain

J Hook Chains

The high-quality J Hooks are engineered to be the most reliable and helpful chain assembly that can help you keep the vehicle secured for transport or help get the vehicle up onto the carrier deck with greater ease and efficiency. Our high-quality 8” J Hooks and high strength 15” J Hooks are more than capable of handling the vehicle securement job. They are designed to attach to the rear axle or to the upper carriage side of the vehicle. Aside from the 8” J Hook or the 15” J Hook, these chain assemblies are also equipped with a smaller grab hooks, mini J Hooks, T Hooks, Hammerhead T-J Combo Hooks, and cluster hooks. These hooks provide additional security and offer greater versatility when handling multiple different types of vehicles. These chains are available in 5/16” by 6’, 8’, and 10’ sizes.

Safety chain

Safety Chains

Our high-quality Safety Chains are multi-functional as they can be used as primary or secondary securement chains on all types of carriers. They offer superior holding strength as they maintain a sturdy and supportive grip on the vehicle during transit. These chains are equipped with a variety of high-quality end fittings that are designed to ensure that there is a solid grip on the vehicle’s anchoring points for a reliable connection. This includes our durable grab hooks, our versatile R, T, & Mini J Cluster Hooks, our heavy-duty slip hooks and sling hooks, along with many more combinations of holding power. If the chain is open ended, they can be used to permanently mount to carrier decks or in chain pockets. The Safety Chains are available in 5/16” by 6’, 8’, 10’, and 12’ sizes.

V chain


The durable V-Chains are designed to provide you with unchallenged support when loading a rolling vehicle up onto the back of the car carrier. These chains, which are engineered to be tough enough to handle the more difficult jobs, are built with an emphasis on durability so that they can last you longer. They are comprised of two sturdy chain legs with a pear link or oblong link that joins the two legs together. The hooks located on each leg are used to secure each end of the axle in order to create an even spread of tension across the vehicle’s frame. This is so that the pressure isn’t all on a single point of the frame. The center link then provides a solid winch point for attaching to the winch line and hoisting the vehicle up onto the flatbed. We also carry our patented Low-Profile V-Bridles, which have been engineered to help prevent damages to the vehicle caused by the hook of the winch line coming into contact with delicate components of a towed vehicle, such as the bumpers, spoilers, oil pans, and more.

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