Tow Chains

Offering you a reliable combination of solid durability and industrial strength, the B/A Chain products are some of the strongest and most dependable pieces of hardware available on the market. Chain is a much more durable alternative to webbing, offering superior abrasion resistance that allows it to handle the much tougher and rougher jobs of the industry. Available in a variety of grades, styles, sizes, and configurations, we carry a very large assortment of chain products that are engineered to provide you with superior industrial strength.

Chain Comparison

Chains Built for Durability

The Grade 70 Chain is engineered to be the go-to everyday tie-down securement chain, allowing you to utilize its high-quality durability and flexibility to keep loads from shifting during transit. For lifting applications, the Grade 80 Chain is the ideal choice as it has the strength to keep and maintain a sturdy grip on the object that is being lifted. The tougher jobs require the unchallenged strength of the Grade 100 Chain, which is more than suitable for the heavy-duty industrial jobs that need this optimized level of strength and security. The toughest jobs require the extreme industrial strength of the Grade 120 Chain, which is engineered to handle the extremely heavy overhead lifting or securement jobs with greater ease....

While these chains are available in bulk options, we also have pre-cut options that are equipped with high-quality and industrial end fittings. We have the reliable Grab Hooks that are easy to use and provide a more than solid grip on the attachment points or on another link of chain. There is an assortment of different styles of J Hooks as well, including Mini J Hooks, 8” J Hooks, 15” J Hooks, and Compact J Hooks. The Clevis Slip Hook, R Hook, T Hook, Hammerhead T-J Combo Hook, and Sling Hook are all sturdy and reliable end fittings to complement the strength of the chain assembly. Combinations of these hooks are available in a variety of clusters, giving you much more versatility while out on the job. The Double Clevis, Pear Link, Delta Ring, and Oblong Link are all excellent additions to the chain in order to increase its length, offer a good hooking point, or reinforce its strength.

Grade 70 chain

Grade 70

The Grade 70 Chain is produced from heat-treated carbon steel for enhanced durability. It has the reliable strength to take on the job with exceptional dependability. This is the standard chain that is more than capable of getting the everyday job done in this industry. It can handle the challenges while still maintaining its overall strength and durability throughout its service life. Built with an emphasis on strength, this is a solid chain that is ideal for towing applications as well as for vehicle securement, logging, and more. A variety of chain assemblies are available with various different end fittings. On the other hand, we also sell the Grade 70 Chain in bulk with the hooks, fittings, and clusters separate so that you can engineer your ideal chain assembly from scratch, building it to meet your standards for the job. Being one of the most reliable and applicable chain grades in the industry, we carry a wide assortment of Grade 70 chain assemblies, including axle chains, binder chains, twist lock chains, J Hook chains, safety chains, and V-Chains.

Grade 80 chain

Grade 80

Grade 80 Chains are designed to be a bit stronger than Grade 70 Chains with a high strength to weight ratio. When the load is bigger than average, that’s when you break out these high-quality and exceptionally durable chains. This is the type of chain that can be used in sling assemblies and is recommended by OSHA for overhead lifting applications. Its heavy-duty strength makes it more suitable when it comes to hoisting up heavy loads such as vehicles, trucks, rocks, and other tough materials. It is engineered with the durability to withstand the harsher challenges, providing unchallenged toughness that keeps it functioning for longer. Not only is this chain available in bulk, it is also available as pre-manufactured chain assemblies with the right kinds of hooks that complement the overall strength of the chain.

Grade 100 chain

Grade 100

For the tougher jobs, you can break out the Grade 100 Chain, which has about a 25-percent higher working load limit and a higher strength-to-weight ratio compared to Grade 80 Chains. This is the kind of chain that you reserve for the heavy-duty jobs that deal with securing or lifting really heavy loads and vehicles. The Grade 100 chain is engineered from a special alloy steel with a gray protective coating and meets NACM, OSHA, and ANSI standards for overhead lifting. We also carry the highly visible bright yellow Hi-Viz Grade 100 Chain that is bright enough to raise awareness to those who see it. It has a powder coated finish for improved safety and weather resistance.

Grade 120 chain

Grade 120

The Grade 120 Chain is our strongest chain available. It has the superior industrial strength to handle the toughest challenges in this industry, offering a mix of reliability and durability to get the job done right. This is a high-performance chain that offers you the greatest strength. Its working load limits are 50-percent higher than Grade 80 chains and 20-percent higher than Grade 100 chains. This is due to the square links that are used to construct the chain, which are engineered to create a larger cross-sectional area per chain link. If you need a really heavy-duty vehicle or object fully secured, this is the kind of chain that can get the job done with optimal security. We carry a couple end fittings that are also Grade 120 in order to complement the overall high strength of the chain. For lifting applications, this type of chain is approved for overhead lifting.

Load binder

Load Binders

In order to obtain maximum tensioning on the chain when you use it for vehicle or load securement applications, you need these high-quality Load Binders to get the job done right. There are two types of binders that are often used: lever binders and ratchet binders. Both have their significant advantages and shortcomings. Lever load binders are much quicker to use and have fewer moving parts for less maintenance; however, they require a lot of force to tighten the chains and can store a lot of energy in the handle. Ratchet load binders take more time to tighten the chain but put less strain on the operator’s muscles and are much safer to use since the handle doesn’t store as much energy. We also have our high-quality QuikBinder Plus, which features a 3-position pawl that offers you a choice of ratchet extension, ratchet take-up, or a free spin setting.



Our high-quality Shackles are available for towing applications, industrial purposes, or fire and rescue operations. They are engineered from incredibly strong carbon or alloy for greater durability, giving them the toughness to take on the many challenges. There are carbon screw pin shackles, alloy screw pin shackles, and wide body shackles. Among the shackles that we offer is our patented Twist Lock Shackle that offers reliable security made both quick and easy. The permanently attached pin fully retracts without coming loose, which makes for quicker locking and unlocking action and less time spent in the “danger zone.” These shackles are 100-percent Magnaflux tested and have also been proof tested to twice the working load limit. A majority of our shackles are available in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 1/4" to 2”.

Bulk chain

Bulk Chain

For greater control and flexibility, we offer our high-quality chains in bulk. This includes the standard Grade 70 yellow zinc plated chain, tough Grade 80 alloy chain, strong Grade 100 chain, and heavy-duty Grade 120 chain. Bulk chains make it much easier for you to decide exactly how long you need the chain to be in order to meet your expectations and job requirements. When combined with the right kind of end fitting, you are able to create your ideal chain assembly or chain lifting sling that is more than capable of getting the job done with greater ease and efficiency. The chain is easy to cut, and we have various clevises and end fittings available to lengthen the chain if the need arises. The chains are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1/4" to 3/4”, giving you plenty of options to choose from.



If you are looking for a coupling link you can rely on time after time to reinforce the strength of a chain sling via adding hooks as well as other components to the legs, the Yoke grade 80 coupling link from B/A Products is here to give you the help you need. Manufactured with long term durability and reliability in mind, this coupling link can take on a working load limit of 5.3T in the ½” sizes, 8T in the 5/8” size, and 12.5T in the 3/4” size. Additionally, the Yoke line of products from B/A Products Co. features weld-on anchor points as well as snatch blocks that you can use with chains, wire rope, and more to help you with your heavy lifting needs.

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