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Fire Rescue is serious business. In this industry, there are countless situations in which people's lives depend on you being able to get them out quickly and safely. In order to get a better handle on the situation, you need to make sure that you have hardware that you know will not let you down at a crucial moment. B/A Products Co. is here to provide you with exactly that with our extensive line of reliable fire rescue products.


B/A Products Co. has just about every piece of hardware that rescue workers can depend upon for significant strength during times when they need it the most.

High-Quality Products for Safety & Security

Offering numerous high-quality products such as hooks, straps, chains, wire rope assemblies, and a whole lot more, B/A Products Co. has just about every piece of hardware that rescue workers can depend upon for significant strength during times when they need it the most. We take great pride in being number one in fire rescue hardware production, so you can rest assured knowing you are getting the best from us.

Each one of our products has been engineered to offer high-quality strength and superior durability. They can withstand the constant demands of this industry, providing reliable power and aid for when you need it the most. From strong strap assemblies to superior wire rope assemblies to durable chain assemblies, we have the right products available that can easily provide you with the dependability needed to take on the many challenges of this heavy-duty industry. The straps are engineered from tightly weaved polyester webbing for better versatility and holding strength. The chains are engineered from different grades of chain to provide you with better durability against the heavy-duty jobs. The wire rope is engineered from high-quality steel for a combination of durability and versatility. Each assembly is designed to offer much-needed strength for the tougher jobs.

Aside from the many different assemblies that we have available, we also carry incredibly handy safety products and accessories that promote an increase in safety and security when getting the job done right. These products are designed for easy use, allowing you to rely on their strength so that you can focus on the important parts that need your full attention. For safety purposes, we carry vibrant safety flags, reflective conspicuity tape, and Chain Gang Lubricant, just to name a few. Additionally, we have accessories, such as weld-on D-Rings, Twist Lock Plungers, air bags, and door access tools that can come in handy in difficult situations.

Our Accessories are mostly used for improving the performance of the job while minimizing the amount of effort it takes to get the job done right. They are designed to take a little bit of the stress away so that you can focus on the more important tasks. We have high-quality MatJack High Pressure Air Bags for gaining better leverage, easy-to-use Door Tools for getting better access into locked vehicles, solid D-Rings for increasing security, and so much more available. We suggest that you browse through our collection and discover new ways to make the job a lot easier on your end.

Almost nothing can beat the durability of our chains. Securing your load takes very little effort once you start relying on the uncompromising strength of our chain assemblies. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, our chains are engineered to provide you with unrelenting holding power with the toughness to constantly withstand the demands of the industry. They come in an array of grades, sizes, lengths, and end fittings, allowing you to find the right type of chain that can get the job done right. We also sell the chains in bulk for every grade as well as the end fittings separately so that you can create your own ideal chain assembly that fits your requirements. The chains come in Grade 70, Grade 80, Grade 100, and Grade 120. Our end fittings include grab hooks, Twist Lock Hooks, J Hooks, clevis slip hooks, R Hooks, T Hooks, and so much more.

Safety is especially important in the Fire Rescue industry. Safety for both your workers and for those that need help is an essential priority that can never, ever be ignored or forgotten. That’s why B/A Products Co. offers a variety of safety products that are designed to increase the security of the job, providing reliable support for when it is needed. These products include our vibrant safety flags that help raise awareness while out by the road, our sturdy rubber wheel chock that creates a more stable hold on the vehicle, our Chain Gang Lubricant that keeps your chains and cables friction-free, and so much more.

Securement is so much easier with the reliable help of our strong and dependable strap assemblies. Each of our high-quality straps are engineered from a tightly weaved polyester thread that enhances its overall durability, allowing it to be used time and time again for much longer. These tie-down straps can be used for a variety of applications, including auto securement, cargo securement, towing, and lifting. The straps are available with three different types of webbing. The B/A Polyester Classic Webbing is designed for the everyday jobs that you constantly encounter in the industry. The B/A Tower’s Edge Webbing offers maximum protection against the elements along with superior wear and tear resistance. The B/A Heavy-Duty Webbing is thicker and heavier than our Classic, making it more than capable of handling the tougher jobs with ease. Each of our straps is equipped with high-quality hooks and other end fittings for superior holding strength as well.

Wire rope is an excellent alternative as it combines the versatility of a strap with the durability of a chain, allowing you to handle the tougher jobs with an increase in stability and security. The wire rope assemblies that we have available are engineered to provide optimized holding power when transporting heavy-duty objects. Each assembly is equipped with a solid end fitting that maintains its grip on the anchoring points with reliable certainty. Our synthetic winch lines are lightweight, abrasion resistant, and high strength for easier and much safer handling. We also have wire rope accessories available to increase the holding strength of the rope as well as high-quality snatch blocks that come from Skookum and Yoke as well as our own. They feature bronze bushings with grease fittings and can be easily opened for wire rope insertion.

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B/A Products Co. has engineered many different accessories that can help improve the overall performance of the fire rescue job. They have been built with reliability in mind so that they can lend you their strength time and time again, helping you get the job done with both ease and efficiency. We have heavy-duty D-Rings that provide you with much more reliable securement points along with durable Door Access Tools for getting into a locked vehicle. Each of these products is made to make the job a lot easier on your end, offering reliability and strength.

Our MatJack High Pressure Air Bags are designed to function as air lifting devices. They can be placed directly next to or under a load, and once inflated with air, they will expand and shift the load. The bags are durable enough to be used on hard ground and can handle between 22 tons and 32 tons of weight. We also have our high-quality Balldog Plus, which is the newest innovation in hitch attachment devices. Engineered for durability, it features an easily accessible pear link and a solid large oblong link. Our Twist Lock Plungers can be used for a range of jobs, offering better stability and security. They can be used on sling arms, stabilizer legs, wheel lift forks, and more. There’s also our Grizzly Bar, is a long pry bar that can be used to move large materials out of the way.

We also carry a variety of Door Access Tools that make gaining access into locked vehicle doors much easier. These include our Inflatable Air Wedge and Plastic Window Wedge, which are designed to gently pry the window away from the door frame. The long and thin Red Alert Door Tool or the handy Sneaky Pete can then be inserted into the gap in order to bypass the lock guards. In addition, we also have our heavy-duty D-Rings available in a variety of sizes. These rings can be easily installed onto your work truck in order to create a reliable and solid anchoring point that you can trust with the tougher jobs.

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Chains can provide a number of vital uses, such as offering superior holding strength or uncompromising durability to heavy-duty jobs that require an unrelenting grip and toughness. B/A Products Co. presents some of the toughest chains that you can get in this industry. They come in a variety of sizes, grades, lengths, and configurations and can be used for a wide range of applications, such as securement, lifting, and towing. When the job proves to be too rough for webbing, that’s when you pull out these high-quality heavy-duty chains.

Each grade of chain is engineered to handle different types of situations. Grade 70 chain is mostly used for the everyday jobs that require a mix of durability and flexibility. They can be used for securement purposes but never for overhead lifting applications. For those types of jobs, the Grade 80 chain is the one to go with. This stronger chain can maintain its grip on the object as it is being lifted overhead. Tougher jobs usually require the heavy-duty strength of the Grade 100 chain, which is manufactured to easily handle the tougher jobs with greater efficiency. For the toughest jobs that require optimized strength, we have Grade 120 chains, which are the strongest chains available in the industry. They are mostly reserved for the extreme heavy-duty lifting and securement jobs. These chains are currently available in bulk in a variety of sizes or in pre-assembled chain assemblies with a variety of end fittings.

Our chain assemblies are engineered to provide you with unyielding strength and durability, giving you plenty of holding power to work with. You can trust in the unrelenting grip of these chains because they are equipped with some of the strongest end fittings available. We have Binder Chains, Twist Lock Grab Hook Chains, Cradle Grab Hook Chains, Oblong & Foundry Hook Chains, Axle Chains, and Heavy-Duty Sling Hook Chains. Each chain assembly has been engineered to provide uncompromising strength to give you the help needed to get the job done right.

Our end fittings are also sold separately so that you can outfit any length of chain that you have in order to create the ideal assembly that fits your requirements. These include our weldable grab hooks, Twist Lock Hooks, J Hooks (available in mini, 8”, and 15” styles), clevis slip hooks, shortening hooks, and R, T, & Mini J Clusters, among many others. Each of these high-quality end fittings are designed to provide a strong and reliable grip on the anchoring point in a way that supports the rest of the chain assembly. They are able to maintain their grip even when faced with stressful situations.

We also carry high-quality Load Binders that are able to provide the right amount of tension to the chain assembly. They are designed to fit chains of different sizes. We have ratchet load binders that put a lot less stress on the muscles but are slower, and we have lever load binders that are much quicker but carry the potential risk of kickback. Additionally, we also have high-quality Carbon Screw, Alloy Screw, and Twist Lock Anchor Shackles that have been engineered with the strength needed to withstand the tougher jobs. They can be used to attach chains, lifting slings, and wire rope assemblies to another object, creating a solid connection that you can trust.

Since 1980, B/A Products Co. has been engineering high-quality straps that have set the standards for decades.

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When conducting a fire rescue operation, safety is the number one concern. You want to make sure that you have all of your bases covered not only for the safety of anyone who needs help, but for you and your team as well. B/A Products Co. carries numerous items that can easily increase the safety of the job so that you can focus more on the important tasks that need to be done. Each product is very easy to use and is engineered from only high-quality materials so that they are able to provide you with optimal performance for longer.

We have a handy Rubber Wheel Chock that provides you with a bit more stability when working on vehicles. It easily fits right under the wheel of the vehicle in order to stop it from rolling away. Made from strong heavy-duty rubber, it features an anchored eye to allow you to attach a line to keep a series of blocks together for a steadier hold. Additionally, we also have our Chain Gang Lubricant, which comes an easy-to-use aerosol can. Its formula is engineered to reduce friction and wear and eliminate corrosion from your chains and cables, keeping them in top condition so that you can continue to work with optimized strength.

A part of safety comes from awareness, and we have plenty of products that help increase awareness to the situation from a glance. Our highly visible Safety Flags are designed to be easily seen with their orange and red colors. They are equipped with bungie cords and small hooks so that you can attach them to wherever they need to be. Our Safety Triangle Kit includes a couple of traffic triangles that can help put up a barrier that keeps a wide berth between the job and the rest of the road, giving you more room to work with without needing to worry about other drivers interfering. In addition, we also have our Conspicuity Tape that can be applied to most surfaces, giving them a more reflective shine for better visibility.

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Straps and strap accessories have numerous functions in a fire rescue situation. Their dependable strength and reliable versatility are vital resources when it comes to making sure that you have control over an object. Since 1980, B/A Products Co. has been engineering high-quality straps that have set the standards for decades. We are committed to providing the industry with the best straps that have been engineered to far exceed your expectations. With their combination of high-quality webbing and durable hardware, they are able to provide you with just the right amount of strength to get the job done with better efficiency.

The straps’ webbing is engineered from a tightly weaved polyester thread. This provides them with better strength and resistance against abrasion and wear while still retaining their versatility. Polyester is much denser than nylon and also has better resistance against moisture and acid. Our straps are available with different types of webbing. The B/A Polyester Classic Webbing is designed for the everyday jobs in which reliability is a must have day after day. The B/A Tower’s Edge Webbing has greater resistance to the elements such as water and fluids, offering better durability and versatility. The B/A Heavy-Duty Webbing is made for the tougher jobs with 50-percent more fibers than the Classic Webbing, making it heavier, thicker, and more durable.

For gaining the right amount of tension on the straps, we have plenty of industrial strength Ratchet Buckles available. These tensioning devices are engineered from only high-quality materials so that they have the durability to withstand the constant demands of the industry. They put you in full control over the tensioning process, allowing you to decide exactly how tight the webbing needs to be in order to obtain optimal security. The ratchets come in a variety of styles, including ones that are equipped with chains, finger hooks, bent finger hooks, and snap hooks. Ratchets that are fitted with end fittings are designed to be connected directly to the anchoring point to save on space.

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Wire Rope

Wire Rope Assemblies come in a wide variety of sizes, including 3/8”, 7/16”, 1/2", and 5/8”, and in a wide range of lengths, including 50’, 75’, 100’, 150’, and 200’. They come equipped with either a self-locking swivel hook or an alloy swivel hook. Both of these end fittings have been engineered to provide you with a reliable grip that you can trust. The self-locking swivel hook features a solid latch that helps prevent the hook from detaching from the anchoring point while the alloy swivel hook has the durability to withstand the constant challenges that you face in this industry.

We also have Super Swagged Winch Lines that have a more compact design that allows for up to 26-percent more strength than standard winch lines and are much more resistant to drum crushing and abrasion. Synthetic Winch Lines are also available, which are extremely high strength with low stretch and better flexibility. They are much more lightweight, making them easier to use and handle, especially on long recoveries where extensions may be needed.

There are also a variety of Snatch Blocks that we have available from different well-trusted manufacturers. Incredibly easy to use, they provide unrelenting holding strength to make lifting a heavy-duty object a lot easier. They come equipped with either a strong latched swivel hook or a solid swivel shackle. The B/A brand of snatch blocks feature bronze bushings with grease fittings along with easy-to-open side plates. The Skookum brand of snatch blocks are lightweight and can be used with wire rope and synthetic winch lines interchangeably without problem. The Yoke brand of snatch blocks are made from high-quality tensile steel and are easier to use with extended sheave life.

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