Ratchets & Attachments

Ratchet Buckles are one of the easiest and most reliable tensioning devices that you can use for securing the vehicle using any of our high-quality tie-down straps. Ratchets allow you to incrementally apply tension to the strap until you’ve reached the maximum amount of tautness that you need. They are incredibly easy to use and take very little time. You simply pull the strap through the reel bars to eliminate any slack and then operate the handle back and forth until the webbing is at the right amount of tension. To release the strap, you just pull the handle pawl back and rotate the handle over the center to a fully opened position. Then you just slide the webbing right out. We carry a complete line of various buckles, each one designed to provide optimized tensioning capabilities.


Ratchet Buckle End Fittings

Most of our ratchets are equipped with a solid and durable end fitting that is designed to help make the job a bit easier. These end fittings include snap hooks with spacers, forged finger hooks, bent finger hooks, and more. They allow you to attach the ratchet directly to the anchoring point without the need for additional webbing. This is especially helpful in situations in which you have to deal with a lot of limited space. These end fittings are also available separately so that you can attach them to your ratchet buckle yourself.

2 inch wide handle ratchet

2” Wide Handle Ratchets

For a much more comfortable grip, we recommend you try our 2” Wide Handle Ratchets, which are available in a variety of styles. These ratchets provide you with much more leverage for easier handling. They come with a number of different end fittings to help you save on space. This includes chain, Double J Hook, snap hook, finger hook, forged finger hook, bent finger hook, and a chain and clevis grab hook combination. You can easily get the strap tightened down using any of these high-quality ratchets, which have been engineered to handle the job with greater efficiency.

2 inch standard handle ratchet

2” Standard Handle Ratchets

Our collection of 2” Standard Handle Ratchet Buckles offer reliable and heavy-duty strength for applying the right amount of tension directly to the tie-down strap. These ratchets are durable enough to keep up with the daily challenges that are often faced in this rough industry. We have ratchets that are equipped with finger hooks, bent finger hooks, forged finger hooks, snap hooks, and Double J Hooks. Designed to help you save on room, each end fitting is made from solid steel for greater holding strength.

2 inch gradual release ratchet

2” Gradual Release Ratchets

Our 2” Gradual Release Ratchets offer a much easier way to loosen the tie-down straps when it comes time for the unloading process. They have a step-by-step gradual release action that offers much more control, helping to reduce the risk of accidents while also putting less wear on the ratchet. These ratchets are available with a finger hook, chain, or snap hook end fitting for situations in which space is critical. Some of these buckles feature a much more comfortable rubber grip handle as well.

3 inch short handle ratchet

3” Short Handle Ratchets

For the jobs that require a bit more strength, we also have our high-quality and highly durable 3” Short Handle Ratchet Buckle. This is a strong and solid piece of hardware that is able to handle the heavy-duty jobs with greater ease. Able to keep up with the constant demands of the industry, we recommend you use this buckle when you need the tougher jobs done right.

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