Auto Transport Truck Accessories

B/A Products Co. is determined to help make the job a bit easier on your end, so we made sure to offer high-quality Auto Transport Accessories to give you a hand. These products have been engineered to offer long lasting help for a variety of different applications. They can increase your security or provide you with a more reliable means of getting into locked vehicles. Each accessory has been manufactured from only high-quality materials in order to offer greater durability so that you can trust in their strength for much longer.

  • 18 Inch Winch Bar

    B/A Products

    B/A Products Co. Winch Bar

    18-Inch Winch Bar The 18-Inch Winch Bar from B/A Products Co. is the right piece of hardware you need in order to fully and reliably secure the vehicle down to your flatbed using a gear head. This winch bar ensures that you get the straps tight enough to...

  • Fire Extinguishers

    B/A Products

    B/A Products Co. Fire Extinguisher

    B/A Products Co. Fire Extinguisher One of the most valuable safety products you should have at the garage, workshop, or out on the road is the Fire Extinguisher from B/A Products Co. Fires can happen suddenly and spread quickly, which means you need to...

  • Tarp Straps

    B/A Products

    B/A Products Co. Tarp Strap

    B/A Products Co. Tarp Strap available in 15”, 21”, and 31” Sizes. With the help of the reliable Tarp Strap from B/A Products Co., you can effectively prevent the tarp from falling off of the back of the flatbed trailer. This...

  • BA products / Spill Tackle

    B/A Products

    Spill Tackle

    B/A Products Co. Spill Tackle Industrial messes happen from time to time. They are almost unavoidable. Whether it is in the shop room, a warehouse, or a garage, you need to be able to clean up messes when they happen. When you need to get the bigger...

  • B/A Products Co. Aerosol Can Slip Plate - SP-33203

    B/A Products

    B/A Products Co. Aerosol Can Slip Plate - SP-33203

    Aerosol Can Slip Plate The Aerosol Can Slip Plate contains a concoction that is formulated with a very high concentration of friction fighting graphite and a proprietary binder system to provide a long-lasting dry lubrication for the heaviest loads. When...

  • 10 Person First Aid Kit

    B/A Products

    B/A Products Co. 10-Person First Aid Kit - 26-10

    10-Person First Aid Kit Safety must always be a priority while out on the job, and in the event of an accident that may result in injuries, having the 10-Person First Aid Kit readily available can help lessen the severity of the situation. This kit...

  • Safety Triangle Kit

    B/A Products

    B/A Products Co. Safety Triangle Kit - 26-3

    Safety Triangle Kit You can put up a safety reminder nearly anywhere on or around the towing truck by using the Safety Triangle Kit from B/A Products Co. This handy triangle is designed to be highly visible with bright orange and red colors, which alert...

  • 18 Inch x 18 Inch Safety Flags

    B/A Products

    B/A Products Co. 18" x 18" Safety Flag - BA-FLAGR1

    18-Inch by 18-Inch Red Safety Flag With the help of the 18" by 18" Red Safety Flag from B/A Products Co., you can increase the awareness of drivers by alerting them to the type of load you are carrying. Incredibly easy to install and remove, this flag is...

  • 18 Inch x 18 Inch Safety Flags

    B/A Products

    B/A Products Co. 18" x 18" Safety Flag - BA-FLAG1

    18-Inch by 18-Inch Orange Safety Flag There are few better ways to get a driver's attention than using the 18" by 18" Orange Safety Flag from B/A Products Co. This vibrant safety flag is equipped with a bungie cord for easier installation and removal...

  • 15 Inch Measuring Stick

    B/A Products

    B/A Products Co. 15' Standard Measuring Stick - BA-MS4

    15-Foot Standard Measuring Stick Keeping a measuring device on hand when you're out getting the job done can save you a lot of time and frustration in the long run. This 15' Standard Measuring Stick from B/A Products Co. is exactly what you need for...

  • Chain Gang Lubricant

    B/A Products

    B/A Products Co. Chain Gang Lubricant - BA-LUBE

    Chain Gang Lubricant In order to protect your valuable chain assemblies from wearing down fast and losing their strength due to corrosion, you can try using the reliable Chain Gang Lubricant from B/A Products Co. This special concoction is engineered to...

  • No Skid

    B/A Products

    B/A Products Co. 4 Gallon Black No-Skid - BA-NSB

    4 Gallon Black No-Skid Working in environments that are very slippery, such as in the rain or in the snow, can be very hazardous, especially when working near heavy machinery. The 4 Gallon Black No-Skid is able to help you gain greater traction. This...

  • No Skid

    B/A Products

    B/A Products Co. 4 Gallon Grey No-Skid - BA-NSG

    4 Gallon Grey No-Skid When working in an environment that is very snowy or rainy, even the ground can pose a threat to the safety of the workers. The 4 Gallon Grey No-Skid from B/A Products Co. is a water-based acrylic no-skid coating that helps reduce...

  • Brushes For Lubricants

    B/A Products

    B/A Products Co. Lubricant Brush - BA-BRUSH2

    Brush for Lubricants This lightweight and durable Brush from B/A Products Co. is designed for applying lubricants to the surface of the object. The hairs of the brush help evenly coat the surface, allowing you to easily spread the lubricants without...

Increase Security with High-Quality Accessories

These accessories have all been designed to better increase the ease and efficiency of the auto transport job. Our durable Bat Wings are the right choice when you need to protect the underside of the vehicle from getting damaged by road debris. When it comes to gaining access into locked vehicles, our supply of handy Door Tools can help get you in there in no time. We also offer heavy-duty Bolt-On D-Rings that can provide you with solid anchoring points wherever you need them around your trailer.

We also have our high-quality 13-3/4" Weld-On 5-Hole Flipper that is designed to offer you multiple tie-down points. You can install it anywhere along the trailer where it will be most useful. The points may be smaller than a D-Ring, but they still provide you with strong and reliable attachment points that are able to help you get the job done right. They can be used with a number of different end fittings. The flipper is also engineered with aluminum tubes for easier welding directly to the truck’s aluminum decking.

5-Hole Flipper icon

13-3/4-Inch Weld-On 5-Hole Flipper

The reliable and durable 13-3/4-Inch Weld-On 5-Hole Flipper from B/A Products Co. is a flipper that will ensure you have multiple tie-down points on your trailer that are secure, reliable, and safe. Built from strong and durable steel, this flipper provides you with a small yet secure series of attachment points that allow you to maintain a stronger grip on the vehicle that needs to be transported. The holes are wide enough to accommodate a number of different end fittings. It is designed with aluminum tubes that make it easier for you to weld it directly to the work truck’s aluminum decking.

Auto Transport accessories icon

Bat Wings

The undercarriage of the vehicle is constantly exposed to being pelted by rocks, gravel, and other road debris. Our high-quality Bat Wings are designed to provide heavy-duty protection. Easy to install, they are able to block the underside of the vehicle and help prevent small rocks and sand and other harmful elements from causing damage. They are available in both standard and small sizes with both left and right configurations.

Door Tools icon

Door Tools

For certain situations in which you need to gain quick access into a locked vehicle, we offer these high-quality Door Tools that can make the job a lot easier. We carry wedges, both plastic and inflatable, that can create a gap between the vehicle’s window and door without damaging either. Then you can use our handy Red Alert Door Tool to slide right in between the crack and gain access to the door lock. With these tools, you will be able to get right into that vehicle. We also have the Sneaky Pete Door Tool, which has push and pull cuts on one end for easily maneuvering past the lock guards.

Bolt-On D-Rings icon

Bolt-On D-Rings

If you need to start adding much more reliable anchoring points along your trailer, you can trust the reliable holding strength of these heavy-duty Bolt-On D-Rings. Built from high-quality steel for greater durability, these D-Rings are engineered to provide you with a strong attachment point that you can use with your tie-down strap or chain assembly. Available with either a zinc plated or self-colored coating, the rings are able to withstand the constant challenges that you often face in this industry, offering reliable strength for when you need it the most.

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