Tie Down Strap Kits

Tying down your vehicle for transportation is a lot less stressful when you have all the right straps to get the job done right. Our Auto Tie-Downs provide you with exactly the right amount of strength that is needed to keep the vehicle from shifting around during transit. We carry straps that are designed to secure the vehicle by its wheels or axles or for all-around security. They are available in a number of different styles with different combinations of end fittings and webbing options, giving you plenty to choose from.


Securement for Vehicle Transportation

There are plenty of Auto Tie-Downs available at B/A Products Co. The 2” by 8’ D-Ring Wheel Lift Strap is available in our Classic, Tower’s Edge, and Heavy-Duty webbing. This is a handy strap that is able to secure around the vehicle’s wheel for a more reliable grip when lifting the vehicle up onto the carrier deck. Our high-quality Original Patented Roll Back Tie-Down System is available with chain ends, D-Rings, or snap hook ends in 2” by 14’ or 18’ sizes made from our Classic, Tower’s Edge, or Heavy-Duty webbing, giving you plenty of options to choose from. This system is designed to keep the wheel from shifting forward, backward, or side to side, keeping a strong and snug grip on it.

The 2” Mini J, R, & T Hook Cluster Strap is available in 8’, 9’, 10’, and 12’ sizes, offering superior versatility to handle multiple different types of vehicles. These straps are equipped with solid and durable cluster hooks, which are comprised of R Hooks for use on Ford vehicles, T Hooks for use on General Motors/Chrysler vehicles, and Mini J Hooks for use on imported or foreign vehicles. We also have high-quality 2” by 8’ Tie-Down Kits that come with four 8’ cluster straps and chain ratchets and are available in Classic, Tower’s Edge, or Heavy-Duty webbing, offering superior holding strength for several different jobs.

Our 8-Point Tie-Down Kits are available in 2” by 8’ sizes with the options of snap hooks, D-Rings, and chain ends. These are incredibly handy kits that come with four 14’ or 18’ long straps with four short straps with lined eyes along with four ratchets with chains, allowing you to cover nearly every angle of the vehicle when securing it. There is also the 2” by 8’ or 12’ Soft Tie-Down Kit with Ratchet Chains and Axle Straps or Lasso Straps available to provide you with exactly what you need to ensure that your vehicle remains immobilized.

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