Basket Straps

Basket Straps are designed to fit around the wheel of the vehicle in a snug and tight fit. This allows you to easily secure it from the tire rather than the axle or undercarriage. This in turn frees up the vehicle’s suspension so that it can do its job right and absorb the many bumps and shocks of the road during transport, minimizing the risk of damaging it. We carry a lot of basket straps that are engineered from our high-quality webbing for better durability and resistance to abrasive damages. They are equipped with various end fittings that are designed to make the job a bit easier.


Basket Straps for Vehicle Wheels

Our Basket Straps come in a variety of sizes with different end fitting combinations, including the 1” Cross Strap & Two T Hook Basket Strap, which is most commonly used on Century Tow Trucks. The 2” Three Cross Strap & Three T Hook Large Basket Strap is designed for the vehicles that have larger wheels and is most commonly used on Chevron Tow Trucks, which the 2” Three Cross Strap & Two T Hook Basket Strap can be used on as well.

The D-Ring Basket Strap with Protective Sleeve and Plain End comes in 1” and 2” sizes with or without a ratchet buckle, which is designed to give you better versatility, especially when deciding exactly how tight you want the strap to be on the wheel. The heavy-duty Twisted Snap Hook Ratchet Strap Set is equipped with strong hardware and is reserved for use on Miller Bus Lift Systems.

The Flat Hook Side Rail Ratchet Tie-Down Assembly comes with the right combination of flexible webbing and solid hardware, making the job a lot easier on your end. There is also our high-quality Flat Hook 2-Piece Quick Pick Strap is available in our Classic, Tower’s Edge, and Heavy-Duty webbing and has been designed specifically for use on Jerr-Dan Tow Trucks.

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