Fire Rescue Grade 100 Chains

Grade 100 Chains from B/A Products Co. are among the strongest chains currently available for sale. They are incredibly tough and can be used for heavier lifting, such as a bus or other large vehicles that are involved in an accident that has rendered them immobile for one reason or another. Grade 100 Chains can be used for towing and lifting applications and can also make a strong and durable tie-down or lifting sling. They are crafted from high-quality alloy steel and have a strong protective gray coating. Grade 100 Chains are 25% stronger than Grade 80 chains. Because of this, they can stand up to the many challenges your fire rescue fleet may have.

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Get the Strength of B/A Products Co.’s Grade 100 Chains

B/A Products Co. has chain assemblies that are engineered from high-quality original gray protective special alloy steel chain as well as our highly visible bright yellow powder coated alloy steel Hi-Viz chain. The chain assemblies we offer come in a wide variety of sizes for numerous different types of applications.

Our Oblong and Foundry Hook Chains provide a means to connect the chain to a sling and to hook up to handles and trunnions on castings or moulds. Additionally, we have strong Sea Container Loading Bridles, which provide the strength your fleet needs to move large objects and vehicles. All of these are available in addition to our Cradle Grab Hook Chains that can make great tie-down assemblies for loading and moving large, heavy objects.

You need to have equally strong end fittings in order to handle the strength of a chain. Fortunately, B/A Products Co. has the fittings you need for doing so. We offer the sturdy Oblong Master Links, Twist Lock Cradle Grab Hooks, and Hammerhead T-J Combo Hooks, which are designed to help make rescue operations go much smoother and easier for you. Manufactured with safety and security at the forefront, these hooks and end fittings have what it takes to meet a wide variety of different demands while keeping a solid grip on their load.

Please remember that Grade 100 Chain Slings are approved for overhead lifting. B/A Products Co.’s chains are designed and manufactured to far exceed the requirements of the following organizations:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM)
  • Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • National Association of Chain Manufacturers (NACM)

Chain Assemblies

B/A Products Co.’s Grade 100 Chain Assemblies have been designed to provide your fire rescue fleet with enhanced strength and resistance against crushing and abrasion. We provide chain assemblies made from our original special alloy steel with gray protective coated chain or our highly visible bright yellow powder coated Hi-Viz chain.

The Hi-Viz chains provide your fleet with better safety and weather resistance, making fire rescue operations in bad conditions easier. The round link chains are crafted to be both lightweight and strong. The increased visibility provides better awareness for those around you. Both are made to give your fleet high-quality strength.

Hooks & Fittings

B/A Products Co.’s Grade 100 end fittings and hooks are engineered to be able to withstand the constant challenges brought on by fire rescue operations while still keeping a solid unwavering grip. These hooks and end fittings provide excellent holding power and unrelenting support that compliments a chain assembly’s overall strength.

Additionally, our patented Twist Lock Grab Hooks can be purchased in both cradle and non-cradle options in sizes that include 3/8”, 1/2", and 5/8”. They have one of the most secure and easiest to use latches available.

B/A Products Co. also offers the Oblong Master Link for improving the functionality of a chain sling. We also provide Shortening Hooks, which make it so you can quickly and easily adjust a chain sling’s length without sacrificing working load limit.

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