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Transporting a vehicle is no small job. When you need to move a vehicle, you need to be 100-percent certain that the hardware you are using will get the job done properly and safely each and every time. If you want reliable auto transport products that you can count on for years and years, then B/A Products Co. is the best option around.


Superior Security for Auto Transportation

We believe in providing our customers with smarter and more secure solutions through the creation of high-quality, innovative products. From various kinds of straps, to ratchets, to hydraulics, to accessories, and more, we are number one in the auto transport products industry. B/A Products Co. provides only the best in auto transport hardware because we want to be the folks you can rely on when you have a job that needs doing.

Because we like to make the job a bit easier for you, we have a variety of accessories available that can help improve the overall quality of your auto transport job. For example, we have different sized Bat Wings available that can help protect the underside of the vehicle. If the vehicle is locked, you can easily gain access with our supply of handy Door Tools. We also carry heavy-duty Bolt-On D-Rings in case you need to add a reliable holding point for your tie-down assembly....

With an industry as rough as this one, having the uncompromising durability of a heavy-duty chain to help with the securement job can go a long way. Our chains are engineered to provide you with a combination of versatility and durability, allowing you to take on the tougher jobs with greater efficiency. We have 1/4" and 5/16” Auto Transport Chains available that can provide you with a strong and reliable grip over the vehicle. We also have some hooks if you are looking to improve any chain you currently have.

For greater security, we offer a variety of high-quality and heavy-duty Gear Heads that are designed to function similarly to a ratchet buckle. They provide quick and even tension to your tie-down strap or your tie-down chain, making sure that it is able to grab onto the vehicle in a tight and secure grip. Incredibly easy to use and install, we also have the right Winch Bars available to help operate the gear heads.

Safety is B/A Products Co.’s number one priority for both you, your operators, and other drivers who are sharing the road with you. We carry a range of safety products that are designed to help make the work area a bit safer. This includes our Slip Plate, No-Skid, and Chain Gang Lubricants that are engineered to either reduce friction between components within the vehicle or between chain links or to increase traction on slippery surfaces. There’s also brightly vibrant Safety Flags for alerting other drivers, Measuring Sticks for taking accurate measurements, Fire Extinguishers in cases of fires, First Aid Kits in cases of injuries, and so much more.

For gaining much more control over the situation, we offer our high-quality and reliable Position Safety Locks. These pins are engineered to provide better security and to give you better peace of mind. They are engineered from high-quality materials for much more reliable durability so that they can keep up with the constant demands of the job. The safety locks come in a variety of styles, including angled, pretzel, and snap.

The heart of a securement job can come from the strength of your tie-down straps, and B/A Products Co. offers some of the strongest straps in the industry. These tie-downs are engineered from our high-quality polyester webbing, which is available in three different styles: Classic, Extreme, and Heavy-Duty. Each of these straps is designed to provide a strong grip on the vehicle. Most are equipped with either tire grippers or our new low-profile rubber grip strip sleeve for greater traction and grip.

For electric products, we have the right 12/24 Volt Solenoid and 12V Enclosed Electric Motor to help keep the equipment working optimally. We also carry the 2 Wire Momentary Switch for activating the system along with a Boot Seal to cover up the switch to make it more comfortable to use. All of these products are engineered to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Making sure that all of your machinery is working optimally is essential when it comes to transporting vehicles. That’s why we are offering our high-quality hydraulic products. From a heavy-duty Hydraulic Pump to easy-to-use Hydraulic Braided Rope Cutters, we carry exactly what you need to outfit your machinery. We have a variety of parts to complete the hydraulic system, including the Equalizer Valve, Cylinder Pin, Quick Disconnect Release Union, and Safety Double Lock Pressure Valve, among others.

Getting your vehicle onto the deck of the car carrier can be tricky. That’s why B/A Products Co. provides our heavy-duty Loading Ramps, which are engineered to offer much needed support when you’re loading the vehicle onto the back of the truck. The Roller Style Pooched Ramp is designed to easily roll into place with the help of a winch bar, offering you easier maneuvering. We also carry different sized Anchor Pins so that you can ensure that the roller remains held in place for better safety and security.

Nearly all of the products that are manufactured or distributed by B/A Products Co. are OEM equivalents (often used by the OEM’s) or built to meet specific and recognized industry standards. Remember that our products are to be used only in the manner for which they were designed and within the assigned working load limits.

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We offer a variety of different Accessories that are designed to make the auto transport job a bit easier on your end. Whether it’s to protect the underside of the vehicle during transit or providing you with an easier way to get into a locked vehicle, we have the right tools to help you out. Our Bat Wings are incredibly easy to install and provide you with a reliable barrier that protects the underside of the vehicle from getting hit by road debris. We also have different door tools that can help you gain access into a locked vehicle in a way that does not damage the vehicle’s door, window, or locking system. For securement purposes, we also offer high-quality heavy-duty Bolt-On D-Rings, which can be installed anywhere along your trailer to create a much more reliable anchoring points for your tie-down systems.

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Chains have a wide variety of uses and are a key part of making any auto transport job go smoothly. They can keep all manner of vehicles secured to where they need to be during transit. B/A Products Co. has a wide array of strong and reliable chains and hooks to help you on your way. Engineered from high-quality steel for superior durability, these chains are made to endure the toughest challenges in the industry. Suitable for both the everyday and the heavy-duty auto transport jobs, they are available in two different sizes: 1/4" and 5/16”. The 1/4" Grade 70 Transport Chain has a working load limit of 3,150 lbs. while the 5/16” Grade 70 Transport Chain has a working load limit of 4,700 lbs. This provides you with plenty of strength needed to keep the vehicle held in place....

Most of our chains are equipped with a Forged Mini Datsun, Grab, R, and T Hook cluster, which provides you with optimized versatility. With this combination of hooks, you are able to handle a number of different types of vehicles. The Mini Datsun is narrow enough to slide right into the anchoring point for establishing a reliable connection. The grab hook has a deep throat which allows it to connect right to the anchoring point or to another chain link. The R Hook is designed for use on Ford vehicles, and the T Hook is designed for use on General Motors/Chrysler vehicles. Each hook is manufactured to maintain a strong and solid grip throughout transit.

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Gear Heads

When your fleet needs reliable Gear Heads to keep a tight and reliable grip on the vehicle throughout transit, you can trust the high-quality Left & Right Gears that we currently have available. Easy to install onto your trailer, these gear heads allow you to tighten down the tie-down assembly in a way that is similar to a ratchet buckle. They can apply even tension to both straps and chain assemblies with the help of a winch bar. We have the pawls, pins, ratchet hooks, and more of the tools that can help make your fleet’s auto transport applications a complete success.

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When moving a vehicle from one place to another, it is important to make sure that all of the people involved are kept safe. To help you ensure that everything goes according to plan without any problems, B/A Products Co. has a vast selection of auto transport safety products, like rubber wheel chocks, measuring sticks, tarp straps, and more. Most of these products are designed to help you stay on top of the situation. For example, our Safety Flags and Conspicuity Tapes are designed to be highly visible to other drivers in order to increase awareness. Lubricants are available to prevent friction or add traction while Spill Kits are offered for cleaning up accidental spills. There are also Fire Extinguishers and First Aid Kits available in case of emergencies.

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Position Safety Locks

Ensuring that everything is locked into place and will remain so is important, especially when you need things to stay locked into a certain position. For this, B/A Products Co. manufactures a variety of position safety locks for auto transport. These locks come in a variety of shapes and styles, providing you with a number of different options. We have high-quality and durable Snap Lock Pins, Pretzel Stay Lock Pins, Angled Lock Pins, Spring Locks, and Pin Lock Hitch Pins. They are able to provide you with optimal security that you can trust.

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Vehicle Securement

Ensuring that vehicles and other pieces of hardware are locked into place is vital to the successful transportation of a vehicle. B/A Products Co. manufactures the best tie-down straps for vehicle securement in the industry. These straps are engineered to provide you with unrelenting holding power and significant durability, offering a much safer and much more secure means of keeping the vehicle firmly immobilized on the back of the car carrier. The straps come in a variety of sizes and styles, each one designed for a specific purpose when it comes to exactly where and how you need to tie down the vehicle. This includes high-quality straps that go around the vehicle’s axle, through the wheel, over the vehicle, and more....

Our high-quality webbing, which is engineered from a tightly weaved polyester thread for better flexibility and durability, comes in different styles to suit your requirements. The B/A Polyester Classic is the ideal choice for the everyday securement jobs due to its long-lasting service, offering versatility and strength time and time again. Our B/A Extreme Weave is bright green for higher visibility and is designed to less likely to unravel. Our B/A Heavy-Duty Webbing is engineered with over 50-percent more fibers than our Classic webbing, making it thicker, heavier, and much more durable. It comes in our classic yellow color or with a natural color that resists fading.

Because vehicle securement is essential in the auto transport industry, we made sure that our tie-downs are engineered to provide you with an uncompromising grip on the vehicle. Our Axle Straps can help create a strong holding point around the vehicle’s axle to support the rest of the tie-down job. Our E-Track Straps are designed specially for car carriers that have logistic straps installed. Our many Ratchet Straps are available to provide you with heavy-duty strength. Many of these straps are equipped with classic tire grippers to cling onto the vehicle’s wheels or our new low-profile grip strips, which are designed for strong tread grab to prevent slippage.

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If you are transporting a vehicle, you are definitely going to need the right kind of power to keep the machinery functioning at optimal capacity. B/A Products Co. manufactures motors and switches for your fleet to get things moving and functioning the way they need to in almost no time at all. This includes high-quality 12/24V Solenoids and 12V Enclosed Electric Motors that are able to provide you with the right amount of power to keep everything functioning. We also carry replacement switches and switch covers so that you can stay in control during the operation.

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If you are looking for hardware to help you get that extra bit of strength and push you need when transporting a vehicle, B/A Products Co. has exactly the hydraulics hardware you need. From hydraulic pumps to accessories, our products are guaranteed to help you get that extra power when you need it most. Our high-quality Hydraulic Pump is able to provide enough power for the hydraulic system to keep the machines operating optimally. We also carry the right kind of accessories and hardware to keep the hydraulics working smoothly, including valves, cylinder pins, repair unions, and more.

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Loading Ramps

A good, reliable Loading Ramp can be one of the most important parts of an auto transport set-up. This is what helps you get the vehicle up onto the car carrier deck with minimal interference. That’s why we are sure to provide you with some of the strongest loading ramps that offer you optimized support. Our Roller Style Pooched Ramp is designed to easily take the weight of the vehicle with ease, allowing you to smoothly roll it right up onto the deck with minimal to no damage to either vehicle. We also have the Anchor Pins needed to keep the ramps firmly fixed in place to prevent it from shifting around during the loading and unloading process.

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