Jump Start Equipment

Getting a dead vehicle back to life takes a lot of power and a lot of juice. You need reliable equipment to help you and the vehicle out of desperate situations. You can get the high-quality equipment you need to get the job done here at B/A Products Co. The T3 Power Plug Pro 30 is a powerful jump start device that has been designed for heavy-duty demands. Featuring a 500 amp capacity, this device has extra-long 30’ cables that are made from tangle-free vutron cable with a 5’ truck harness. It fits top and side post batteries and has a standard plug that is interchangeable with most popular brands. The protective coated steel clamps are equipped with ergonomically designed handles for an easier and more comfortable grip. The heavy 4-gauge conductors are made with 100-percent copper wire. The built-in polarity indicator lets you know if the cables are properly connected with a bright green light.

  • Plug In Jump Start with Box

    B/A Products

    B/A Products Co. Plug In Jump Start w/Box - 41-3

    Plug-In Jump Start with Box You can help bring the vehicle back to life almost instantly once you get your hands on the reliable and powerful Plug-In Jump Start with Box from B/A Products Co. This handy jump start device is equipped with everything you...

  • Jump Start Pack

    B/A Products

    B/A Products Co. Jump Start Pack - 41-JNC660

    Jump Start Pack This incredibly handy Jump Start Pack from B/A Products Co. provides you with everything you need to get the vehicle back up and running easily and efficiently. Both portable and reliable, the 12 Volt handheld jump start delivers 1,700...

  • Power Plug Pro 30

    B/A Products

    B/A Products Co. Power Plug Pro 30 - T3-PRO30

    Power Plug Pro 30 The Power Plug Pro 30 from B/A Products Co. is a 500 Amp jumper cable kit that offers an extra long 30' cable with a 5' truck harness. The tangle-free vutron cable has a pair of protective coated steel clamps with ergonomically designed...

Small Jump Start Pack & Plug-In Jump Start

In addition to our T3 Power Plug Pro 30, we also carry handy Jump Start Packs that provide you with the right amount of juice to keep the engines going. These handy devices are compact for easier transport and can be stored in easy-to-reach locations within your work truck. The Small Jump Start Pack is a reliable 12 Volt handheld jump start that delivers 1,700 amps of jump starting power directly to the engine. It features 455 cold cranking amps, 46” heavy-duty 4-gauge cables, and a built-in charger. The Plug-In Jump Start with Box also delivers quite a punch as it easily delivers 500 amps. Its handles provide an ergonomic grip for easier and much more comfortable handling. With these easy-to-use devices in hand, you will be able to bring the vehicle back to life with minimal effort.

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