Fire Rescue Grade 80 Chains

When your fire rescue fleet requires a stronger alternative to Grade 70 chains, B/A Products Co. has you covered with our high-quality Grade 80 Chains. Because of their copious amount of strength, these are used primarily for heavy lifting applications like lifting a heavy vehicle out of a deep hole or ditch, but they can also be used for securement purposes. Grade 80 Chains can keep up with the various rigorous demands your rescue operations put on them, providing your fleet with stalwart grip and vast amounts of strength for the jobs that require it the most. Manufactured from a tough and strong steel alloy, B/A Products Co.’s Grade 80 Chains have the durability and strength to take on the many challenges of fire rescue operations.

Sub Categories

  • Grade 80 Weld On Point


    Yoke Grade 80 Weld-On Point

    Yoke Grade 80 Weld-On Point The Yoke Grade 80 Weld-On Point is a tool that provides a reliable lashing point for lashing means, like chains. It is intended to be hinged into lifting means and can be used from any side to do so. This point is equipped...

  • Yoke Grade 80 Omega Link


    Yoke Grade 80 Omega Link

    Yoke Grade 80 Omega Link available in 3/8” and 1/2” Sizes. With the help of the durable Yoke Grade 80 Omega Link, you are able to reinforce the strength of the chain assembly easily. This solid piece of high-quality steel is able to handle a...

  • Grade 80 Coupling Link


    Yoke Grade 80 Coupling Link

    Grade 80 Coupling Link available in 1/2”, 5/8”, and 3/4” Sizes. With the help of the Yoke Grade 80 Coupling Link, you can reinforce the strength of the chain sling by adding hooks and other components to the legs. Built with durability...

  • Yoke Latch Kit


    Yoke Latch Kit

    B/A Products Co. Yoke Latch Kit From time to time, you may find yourself in a position where you have a grade 80 latch that needs to be repaired. If you need reliable tools for getting the job done, the Yoke Latch Kit from B/A Products Co. is what you...

  • Grade 80 Excavator Weld On Hook


    Yoke Grade 80 Excavator Weld-On Hook

    Yoke Grade 80 Excavator Weld-On Hook The Yoke 1-Ton Grade 80 Excavator Weld-On Hook is a highly popular weld-on hook throughout the towing industry, and for good reason. It's designed to be welded onto mobile lifting equipment to provide a pick point...

  • Grade 80 Chain Kit

    B/A Products

    B/A Products Co. Grade 80 Chain Kit

    Grade 80 Chain Kit  Getting the vehicle stabilized and prepared for transport is a lot easier with the reliable help of the Grade 80 Chain Kit from B/A Products Co. This is a complete kit that contains the right types of chains that provide you with...

  • Yoke Grade 80 Straight Container Hook


    Yoke Grade 80 Straight Container Hook - 8-067-STR

    Yoke Grade 80 Straight Container Hook Thanks to the reliable strength of the Yoke Grade 80 Straight Container Hook, you can start lifting sea containers with the same kind of strength that the pros use. This hook is engineered from high-quality steel to...

Grade 80 Chains Provide Superior Lifting Power

B/A Products Co. provides chain assemblies that have been manufactured from our high-quality Grade 80 chain. Each of them has been designed by experts to offer an abundance of support and strength when you need to get a vehicle secured for moving or transport. In addition to that, we also have a wide range of Grade 80 end fittings that are engineered to complement the chain’s strength and offer a secure way of making solid connections.

The Grade 80 chain is also available for sale in bulk so that your fleet can make its own custom chain assemblies or chain slings for its unique requirements and high standards.

Please keep in mind that Grade 80 Chain Slings are approved for overhead lifting, but Grade 80 Chain assemblies are NOT. B/A Products Co.’s chains have been designed and manufactured to exceed the requirements of the following organizations:

  • Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM)
  • National Association of Chain Manufacturers (NACM)

Chain Assemblies

B/A Products Co.’s Grade 80 Chain Assemblies are designed to provide top-quality strength and unmatched durability so that your fleet can put them towards the tougher jobs with high level efficiency.

These chains have extra durability to stand up against abrasion and crushing, which allows them to keep large, heavy objects immobilized with little effort. Because of this, they are more rugged than Grade 70 Chain Assemblies.

B/A Products Co. offers the Cradle Grab and the 15” J Hook Chain Assembly, which provides longer lasting strength and support. Both are designed and manufactured to help your fleet succeed in its mission to keep people safe.

Hooks & Fittings

B/A Products Co. has numerous end fittings available to complement the massive strength of our Grade 80 Chains. Each of them is ready to provide you with the much-needed holding strength that can assist you in a number of different ways.

One such fitting is our patented Twist Lock Grab Hook, which was designed to work with our heavy-duty Grade 80 Chains to provide enhanced security and safety while on the job. Even more hooks and fittings are available as well when you want to build your fleet’s ideal chain slings or chain assemblies.

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