Snatch Blocks

We carry a wide range of Snatch Blocks made from different high-quality and trusted manufacturers to provide you with unrelenting holding power that gives you the right amount of strength to get the job done right. They are manufactured to make lifting an object as heavy as a vehicle much easier without using too much force. The increased leverage that they create puts less pressure on your wire rope, allowing it to last longer. These blocks are all 100-percent Mangaflux tested as per standard. Each one is more than capable of holding between 2 tons and 12 tons of heavy-duty loads. They are equipped with either a heavy-duty latched swivel hook or a swivel shackle. This allows you to easily attach them to the right wire rope or winch line that you are using to lift up the object.


Snatch Blocks from Trusted Manufacturers

Our B/A brand snatch blocks are our #1 best seller. They are engineered with bronze bushings with grease fittings and side plates that can be easily opened without coming apart. This makes it much easier to put your cable or wire rope in without the need for extra tools. These blocks are available in 3”, 4-1/2”, 6”, 8”, and 10” with working load limits ranging between 2 ton and 15 ton. They come with either a latched swivel hook, a swivel shackle, or a length of heavy-duty chain.

The new Skookum brand snatch blocks are the result of over two years of research and development between Skookum and B/A Products Co. This is the first major redesign of the snatch block since 1945 when they were first patented. Offering better versatility, they can be used with wire and synthetic winch lines interchangeably without issue. They also feature an innovative lightweight hook that when combined with the custom high strength alloy and low-profile design creates a tremendous weight to strength ratio. The 10” blocks are available with a working load limit of 15 tons, offering you more than enough strength for the job. They come with either a composite sheave or an alloy sheave.

Our line of Yoke snatch blocks is manufactured from the highest quality of tensile steel. They are equipped with bronze bushings and grease fittings that allow for easier use and extended sheave life. Each one is stamped with the model number, wire rope size, working load limit, and usage warnings. Designed with a safety factor of 4:1, the blocks meet all requirements of ASME B30.26. They are available in 3”, 4.5”, 6”, and 8” sizes, can carry 2 tons, 4 tons, or 8 tons of weight, and come in swivel hook style. We also carry the lightweight alloy versions that are 40-percent lighter than standard blocks in 6”, 8”, and 10” sizes.

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