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Auto Transport
Fire Rescue

Towing for a Cure

Our team at B/A Products Co. designed a special line of pink "Towing for a Cure" straps to demonstrate our support for Breast Cancer research and awareness. Thank you for joining B/A in helping others.

Upper Hand

Did you know that twisted chain can reduce the Minimum Break Strength, and therefore the Working Load Limit? The Upper Hand design prevents the chain from twisting. The traditional design twists the chain approximately one rotation per foot.

Slow Down, Move Over

In 2016, B/A found that most drivers involved in roadside incidents reported that they were unaware of the Move Over law. B/A then decided to develop and dedicate an awareness campaign to towers everywhere, "It's Easier To Move Over Than Move On." B/A hopes that raising the awareness of roadside dangers positively impacts driver behavior across the globe.

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Tanker Tube

Lightweight and non-sparking; the Tanker Tube can upright tankers, tank trailers, or buses! Just insert through man-ways, attach rigging, and lift!