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Fire Rescue

12 Annual Open House

Leading the industry since 1978, our technicians look forward to showing you how we do it! Live product demonstrations will be held throughout the day along with factory tours, destructive testing demonstrations, good food, good people and plenty of fun! All are welcome!

Towing For A Cure

Towing for a Cure Straps are offered as a limited release each fall with a portion of the proceeds being donated to further cancer research and awareness. We would also like to encourage each of our distributors to donate a portion of their proceeds to help further this worthy cause.

Slow Down, Move Over

In 2016, B/A found that most drivers involved in roadside incidents reported that they were unaware of the Move Over law. B/A then decided to develop and dedicate an awareness campaign to towers everywhere, "It's Easier To Move Over Than Move On." B/A hopes that raising the awareness of roadside dangers positively impacts driver behavior across the globe.

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Tycan Chain

Your faster and lighter solution now rated for overhead lifting. Green Pin Tycan® is up to eight times lighter than steel and soft to the touch. It's made from Dyneema® Fibre™, strong as steel and very rugged. Increased safety for crew and cargo and improved operational efficiency.