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B/A Products Co.

Bringing Innovation to the Automotive and Towing Industry, B/A Products is here to provide your company with all of the tools and hardware it needs to do its best work efficiently, effectively, and safely. Find out today what B/A can do for you!

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Acquired by The Heico Companies in June of 2017, B/A Products Co. has a long history of bringing innovation and improvements every year to the automotive industry as it has continued to grow.


In 2016, B/A found that most drivers involved in roadside incidents reported that they were unaware of the Move Over law. B/A then decided to develop and dedicate an awareness camping on behalf of roadside workers and tow professionals everywhere, "It's Easier To Move Over Than Move On."

As a provider of high quality OEM Grade Towing and Auto Transport equipment, B/A hopes that rising the awareness of roadside dangers positively transform driver behavior across the globe.

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B/A Products 2024 Digital Catalog

B/A Products has the tools and hardware you need to help your towing, auto transport, or emergency services jobs go smoothly. Check out the B/A Products catalog to find what you need today!
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