2" 1-Ply Axle Strap

When you are looking to get a firm hold on a vehicle’s axle, you need to be sure you have straps you can depend on. You want to make sure it can keep everything fully secured when you are transporting a vehicle. This is why you need 2” 1-Ply Axle Strap from B/A Products Co. Manufactured from strong B/A Polyester Classic Webbing, it can handle a working load limit of 3,330 lbs. It comes available in lengths of both 20” as well as 36”. It also comes equipped with a delta ring end fitting made of high-quality steel to be able to give you a strong and solid means of getting the anchoring points on a vehicle properly secured.

  • Single Ply Axle Strap

    B/A Products

    B/A Products Co. 2" Single Ply Axle Strap

    2-Inch Single Ply Axle Strap available in 20” and 36” Lengths. With the reliable strength of the high-quality 2-Inch Single Ply Axle Strap from B/A Products Co., you are able to effectively secure the vehicle for transportation. The strap is...

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