Trailer & Ratchet Tie-Down Straps

One of the most popular tie-down assemblies in the industry is the Ratchet Strap. This is the ideal securement method when it comes to making sure that you have a stabilizing and steady grip on whatever it is that needs hauling. It provides you with strength, security, and dependability with each component of the strap complementing the other, from the webbing to the end fittings to the tensioning hardware. Our Ratchet Straps are available in a variety of configurations; they come in 2” by 12’, 14’, or 15’ sizes, with Swivel J Hook or double finger hook end fittings, in B/A Polyester Classic Webbing, with Tire Grippers or Grip Strips, and with or without a protective sleeve. With this many options available, you are sure to find the right strap that fits your requirements and exceeds your standards.


Ratchet Strap Webbing

These Ratchet Straps are engineered from different types of webbing. Each type is designed to provide you with unique advantages when you are out there on the road. The B/A Polyester Classic Webbing is designed to be the everyday workhorse strap that can be used day after day, providing dependable security for the types of jobs that you have to get done daily. The B/A Extreme Weave features a patented weave pattern that offers slower unraveling because of the small cuts and abrasions adding length to the life of the assembly. It is colored bright green for higher visibility. The B/A Heavy-Duty Webbing is engineered with over 50-percent more fibers than our Classic Webbing, making it the heavier and thicker option that can handle the tougher jobs with greater ease. This type of webbing offers longevity, durability, and abrasion resistance. In addition to classic yellow, it also comes in a natural color that resists fading. For better protection, some of our straps come with a strong protective sleeve, which helps prevent the webbing from constantly rubbing against the vehicle. This effectively protects both the ratchet strap and the vehicle from constant friction.

Ratchet Strap Hardware

Getting a solid grip on the anchoring point is an important step to nearly any securement process. This is easily accomplished when you have high-quality end fittings such as ours. The Swivel J Hooks provide you with an easy means of connecting the tie-down strap directly onto the vehicle’s anchoring points. It offers a bit more versatility thanks to its swiveling feature, allowing you to attach it from different angles. Some of our straps are equipped with our durable double finger hooks. This type of end fitting is designed to provide you with optimal strength. Its narrower shape and frame allow it to easily slide right into the anchoring points that a bit harder to reach compared to other bulkier hooks. Both types of end fittings are engineered to offer support and can easily handle the heavy-duty loads that you constantly encounter in this industry. In addition to these end fittings, all of our tie-downs are equipped with a high-quality ratchet buckle. This tensioning device is engineered to allow you to incrementally apply tension directly to the webbing until you reach the optimum amount of tension. This keeps you in control over the tensioning process the whole time so that you can prevent the webbing from being too tight or too loose.

Tire Grippers & Grip Strips

Ratchet Straps that are equipped with either Grip Strips or Tire Grippers are designed to provide a much more reliable hold on the vehicle’s wheels, offering much more security. They work by grabbing onto the wheel, creating better traction that refuses to let the tire slip out of its grasp. Tire grippers are a series of separate patches along the length of the strap that grab onto the wheel at different spots. These patches mesh with the tread of the tire so establish a more dependable grip. The newer low-profile grip strip is designed for strong tread grab. It features compressed composite materials that offer increased durability and flexibility for use on almost every type of tire. The durable rubber teeth give the sleeve a strong grip to prevent slippage. Both of these options are manufactured to provide a much more reliable hold on the vehicle’s wheels so that there is almost no risk of the tie-down strap slipping off of the wheel during transit.

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