Auto Transport Door Tools

Getting into a locked vehicle can sometimes be the first step in preparing it for transportation, and besides using a crowbar, the quickest way to get into the vehicle is using the help of our handy Door Tools. These accessories are designed to provide you with a smoother and much easier way to get a vehicle door unlocked without damaging the vehicle itself. We offer both the durable Plastic Window Wedge and the handy Inflatable Air Wedge to effortlessly separate the door panel from the window in order to create a large enough gap to slide the door access tool through. These door access tools include our Red Alert Door Tool and our Sneaky Pete Door Tool. The Red Alert tool has a rigid design that provides excellent leverage and features a protective tip to prevent it from scratching the vehicle. The Sneaky Pete is designed with push and pull cuts on each end that help with bypassing lock guards. With a combination of these door tools in hand, you will be able to easily get through whatever locked door stands in your way.

  • Sneaky Pete

    B/A Products

    B/A Products Co. 3/4" x 22" Sneaky Pete - 12-1A

    3/4-Inch by 22-Inch Sneaky Pete Getting through the lock guards in order to get the vehicle's door opened can be a lot less messy once you start using the reliable 3/4" by 22" Sneaky Pete from B/A Products Co. Made from high-quality steel for better...

  • Plastic Window Wedge

    B/A Products

    B/A Products Co. Plastic Window Wedge - 12-W5

    Plastic Window Wedge In order to get your door tool down into the vehicle to help unlock the door, you need to create a wide enough gap using the Plastic Window Wedge from B/A Products Co. Its rigid design allows it to easily slide right in between the...

  • Door Tool Kit

    B/A Products

    B/A Products Co. Door Tool Kit - 12-DK1

    Door Tool Kit You can get everything you need to get that locked vehicle door opened with the help of this Door Tool Kit from B/A Products Co. This kit includes exactly the right tools that are necessary in order to maneuver around and unlock that door...

  • Inflatable Air Wedge

    B/A Products

    B/A Products Co. Inflatable Air Wedge - 12-275

    Inflatable Air Wedge In order to grant you easier access, this handy Inflatable Air Wedge from B/A Products Co. is designed to carefully separate the door panel from the vehicle window. It can be used to create a wide enough gap that allows for easier...

  • Red Alert Door Tool

    B/A Products

    B/A Products Co. 54" Red Alert Door Tool - 12-270

    54-Inch Red Alert Door Tool Not even a locked door can stand in your way when you have the 54" Red Alert Door Tool from B/A Products Co. ready in your hands. Incredibly easy to use, this handy door tool offers a long reach with a rigid design for...

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