Most industries find competition creates a natural divide, but for Towers it is a different story. Through the unfortunate loss we experience together and a desire to protect each other, our community has been “watching each other’s backs” for years.

Our company has struggled with the difficulty that we could not seem to protect the very towers that helped build us into who we are today. We could create the best safety products, but it didn’t matter if we could not prevent reckless driving. In 2016 we decided to dedicate an awareness video to towers everywhere, “It’s Easier To Move Over Than Move On,” with a hope to do more than any safety product could ever do; Prevent the accident in the first place. While spreading awareness, we ourselves became intimately familiar with the stories and faces behind these tragedies.

We found that most drivers involved in a roadside accident were completely unaware of the move over laws.

While many states are adopting laws that madnate drivers move over for roadside service vehicles, the awareness of these laws is lacking. It is crucial that awareness of these laws is spread. While it may be second nature for many in our industry to practice slowing down and moving over, for many other drivers this is simply not the case. Through telling your freinds and family about move over laws, asking local governments to take action, and by supporting events such as the American Towman Spirit Ride, we can all play a roll in improving awareness. While B/A knows this issue is far from over, we are trying to do our part by having this video played at NASCAR events throughout the nation, and through the devlopment of products such as the AirBar. B/A is grateful for our towing community, first responders, and their families. It is our mission that the world sees the dangers presented by roadside service workers and the uncertainty that their families live with when their loved one leaves for work each day.

Making this industry safer is a collaborative effort and we know we can’t do it alone.

B/A would like to thank the local towers and first responders that assisted in the making of this video; many of whom stayed much later than they were asked to so that they could position their trucks on the road to protect the B/A team from passing vehicles.

Safety isn't expensive, it's priceless.

—Author Unknown

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