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Specs & Usage – Webbing

IMPORTANT: Unless specified differently, all B/A Products Co. web products are made with polyester web. Polyester web stretches less than nylon and is denser than nylon, allowing a polyester strap to be thinner than a nylon strap of the same Work Load Limit. Polyester also has better moisture and acid resistance. Polyester should never be used where alkalis are present.

General web usage

All assemblies sewn by B/A Products Co. have a tag which identifies all the material and the Work Load Limit of the assembly.

Tie-down assemblies have a 3 to 1 design factor, sling assemblies have a 5 to 1 design factor. See catalog pages for Work Load Limits of specific products.

When not in use, web assemblies should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place. Web assemblies should be cleaned with plain water only, and never machine washed.

Removal from service criteria
Tie-Down assemblies and Slings shall be removed from service if any of the following conditions are observed

01 Holes, tears, cuts or snags
02 Tag illegible
03 Excessive Abrasive Wear
04 Knots
05 Burns or Weld Spatter
06 Chemical Burns
07 Damaged Loop
08 Webbing Cut At Fitting
09 Stitching in Sewn Pattern is Worn or Broken
10 Red Warning Yarn Exposed (For Slings)
11 Any Other Damage Which Could Effect the Strength of the Webbing