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Super Swaged Winch Lines

Super Swaged Winch Lines

  • STRONGER – Compact design allows for up to 26% greater strength than standard winch lines of the same diameter
  • MORE DURABLE – Due to the swaging process the outer wires have a larger surface area than that of standard winch lines providing better resistance to abrasion, pig tailing & kinking
  • RESISTANT TO DRUM CRUSHING – Because the winch line is already compacted during the swaging process there is less space within the rope to compact if exposed to crushing
  • CONSTRUCTION – (6 x 26 IWRC) Available in 3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″, & 5/8″ sizes in any length with Alloy Straight, Swivel or Self-Locking Hook
  • STAINLESS STEEL DUPLEX SLEEVE – Precision cast internal hour glass shape maximizes sleeve to wire rope contact and cross sectional fill. Lip covers sharp wires in tail.

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Additional Information

WIRE ROPE WINCH LINE TAGS. The general specifications, warnings & working load limits are printed clearly on each tag for your safety and convenience. Please refer to our Specs & Usage Section or give us a call for more information about our wire rope.

All B/A Wire Rope Assemblies are made with Extra Improved Plow Steel for superior strength & flexibility.

General sizes and styles are shown in the above list but remember if you need a custom length or product, we are here to help! It’s as good as done. (800) 327-3301

Warning: Never exceed working load limits – (WLL at 3.55:1) Design Factor as per ASME/ASTM B30.5, formerly SAEJ959

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WARNING: NEVER Exceed Working Load Limit
California residents: See Proposition 65 warning
SKU: 4-S3850, 4-S3856, 4-S3875, 4-S38100, 4-S38150, 4-S71650, 4-S71675, 4-S716100, 4-S716150, 4-S716200, 4-S1250, 4-S1275, 4-S12100, 4-S12150, 4-S12200, 4-S12250, 4-S5850, 4-S5875, 4-S58100, 4-S58150, 4-S58200, 4-S58250, 4-S3850S, 4-S3856S, 4-S3875S, 4-S38100S, 4-S38150S, 4-S71650S, 4-S71675S, 4-S716100S, 4-S716150S, 4-S716200S, 4-S1250S, 4-S1275S, 4-S12100S, 4-S12150S, 4-S12200S, 4-S12250S, 4-S5850S, 4-S5875S, 4-S58100S, 4-S58150S, 4-S58200S, 4-S58250S, 4-S3850LH, 4-S3856LH, 4-S3875LH, 4-S38100LH, 4-S38150LH, 4-S71650LH, 4-S71675LH, 4-S716100LH, 4-S716150LH, 4-S716200LH, 4-S1250LH, 4-S1275LH, 4-S12100LH, 4-S12150LH, 4-S12200LH, 4-S12250LH, 4-S5850LH, 4-S5875LH, 4-S58100LH, 4-S58150LH, 4-S58200LH, 4-S58250LH Categories: , , , , Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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