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Guardian Angle

Exclusive new recovery tool that allows you added safety while getting the most out of your synthetic web slings.

New and Improved 8-Point Tie-Down Kit

After decades serving as the staple tie-down in the Towing industry, B/A’s original 8-Point Tie-Down Kit has become even better. Now upgraded with the Gradual Release Rubber Handle Ratchet, the new kit is also available at no additional cost than the original, bringing you the best available.

Slow Down, Move Over

In 2016, B/A found that most drivers involved in roadside incidents reported that they were unaware of the Move Over law. B/A then decided to develop and dedicate an awareness campaign to towers everywhere, "It's Easier To Move Over Than Move On." B/A hopes that raising the awareness of roadside dangers positively impacts driver behavior across the globe.

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