It’s Easier To Move Over Than To Move On – Awareness Video

Over the years, providing safe and quality products remained at the core of B/A’s mission as well as pushing the boundaries for new innovation. This was the crux of B/A deciding to go beyond the safety built within the products to the roadside itself. Raising awareness about the dangers of the roadside to the general public has been a concern at the forefront of this industry for years. Despite the Move Over Law being passed throughout the USA, many Towers, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, EMT’s and other Roadside Workers continuously lose their lives to preventable mistakes by unknowing drivers.

For years B/A has been creating products to help increase visibility of those on the road along with using ads and social media to raise awareness. This year, B/A wanted to do more. The B/A creative team felt they could help the public see and feel what it’s like to be on a busy roadside by putting them in the shoes of a Tower and what they might experience on any given day.

Throughout a simple short story, we see all first responders working together and putting themselves in harms way to help an accident victim beginning to end.

By focusing on the loud whooshing sound and gusts of wind as cars fly by at close proximity, the viewer starts to feel the stress and realization of how easily someone could be killed with one wrong step to the left.

The video demonstrates how a small courtesy provides a necessary buffer and allows a young Father and Husband to safely return home to his family at the end of a hard workday.

The video ends on a positive note, showing how when one person moves over, it creates a “lead by example” chain reaction where others behind the initial person slow down and move over. Most of the general public are unfamiliar with basic roadside dangers. However, it is human instinct to identify and sympathize with a young couple wanting to see each other home safely and that is how B/A intends to capture the hearts and minds of the viewers.

When B/A’s Executive VP was first approached with the idea for creating this video, his response was:

“If this can help one person move over one time and it saves one life, it was worth it.”

B/A Products sincerely hopes this video makes such an impact that we see a new appreciation of first responders and roadside workers through the simple acts of slowing down and moving over. If we can develop a new mentality where more people serve as an example to those in the car behind them, we can finally pay it forward to the men and women who risk their lives each day for each of us.

Video Data Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2016