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Most industries find competition creates a natural divide, but for Towers it is a different story. Through the unfortunate loss we experience together and a desire to protect each other, our community has been “watching each other’s backs” for years.

Our company has struggled with the difficulty that we could not seem to protect the very towers that helped build us into who we are today. We could create the best safety products, but it didn’t matter if we could not prevent reckless driving. In 2016 we decided to dedicate an awareness video to towers everywhere, “It’s Easier To Move Over Than Move On,” with a hope to do more than any safety product could ever do; Prevent the accident in the first place. Through the research and development for the B/A Move Over video, our creative team became intimately familiar with the stories behind the growing statistics and this motivated us more. It’s truly astounding that while our community works so hard to raise awareness, our loss continues to grow.

We found that most drivers involved in a roadside accident were completely unaware of the move over laws.

Although, while this is a law, we felt it was also basic decency to give someone safe space to work. We decided this would be our focus for the video.

Through the story of a young boy and wife waiting on their father and husband to return home, we attempted to appeal to the viewer’s innate humanity. At some point you may have waited on a loved one, worried if they were okay. The worry is like a weight on your body until you know they are home and safe. We wanted the viewer to know that this is the life of a tower’s family on any given day. In the moment it was revealed that the tow operator survived, the viewer is shown how they are in control simply by moving over and driving safer.The message is intended to leave you with a desire to pay it forward so our towers and their families can one day live with far less worry.

While B/A is not in the business of creating popular videos for social media, we have been overwhelmed by the awareness that has begun to spread in just a few months. At the time of writing this article, we are collectively approaching a reach of one million people on social media. While this issue is far from over, we are happy this video has made an impact and hope it continues to do so. Our team at B/A is especially grateful because making the video itself was a huge collaborative effort with our local towing community and first responders, who donated many hours of their time. Long after the towers were needed for the shoot, they stayed nearby strategically placing their trucks down the road to make sure we stayed safe during the final hours.

Making this industry safer is a collaborative effort and we know we can’t do it alone.

We would like to leave our towers with words of encouragement because we know how difficult it has been to raise awareness to a general public who seems uncaring when they are actually unknowing. We hope you will join us to continue to raise awareness through the American Towman, Spirit Ride. Perhaps this year we will make enough noise to see heads turn towards towing.

“Not being heard is no reason for silence.” Victor Hugo