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B/A Products will stay open as an essential business supporting efforts to counteract COVID-19. Through our global distribution network, we provide key components to the towing & recovery, fire rescue and trucking industries. As many of you are still putting yourselves on the front lines daily to support the movement of essential supplies and traffic across our nation, we feel it is our moral obligation to support your efforts. If we continue to provide safe and reliable products, first responders and drivers everywhere can continue to counteract this virus, saving countless human lives.

At the same time, we are taking protective measures to ensure the safety of our workers. If you are a B/A Distributor, please check recent communications or reach out to our team regarding updates to operations.

More than ever, we need to work together to relieve the stress on our infrastructure and support those in need. If you are having trouble receiving supplies yourself or keeping your business open, please reach out to our team at B/A. We are here to help.

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