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Skookum Snatch Blocks – Towing

Part # Fits
Rope Size
Unit Weight
6K-15T10A 3/4″ – 7/8″ EA 44 lbs

The future is here!  The new Skookum 15 Ton lightweight block is the culmination of over 2 years of research and development between Skookum and B/A Products. This block is the first major redesign of the snatch block since they were patented way back in 1945!

  • Lightweight – less than 44 lbs. for a 15 ton block!
  • For use with 3/4″ – 7/8″ Wire or Synthetic Rope
  • Latched Forged Swivel Hook comes as standard equipment
  • Innovative lightweight hook combines a custom high strength alloy with a low profile design, creating a tremendous weight to strength ratio
  • 4:1 Design Factor
  • Lightweight composite sheave is made with a material blend that is specifically designed for increased strength and durability
  • Should any marring of the sheave tread occur, the composite material will cause NO abrasion on the wire rope, unlike traditional alloy sheave materials

Warning: Never exceed working load limit

Additional Information

 About Skookum: Founded in 1890, Family owned Skookum is a leader in the forging industry. Their commitment to quality and innovation makes Skookum a perfect fit into the B/A Products Co. lineup of products. We work hard to provide our distributors with the Best Available products in the industry.


Crossover Product – Towing

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Never Exceed the Working Load Limit.


44 lbs.