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Slide on Protective Sleeve

Slide on Protective Sleeve

Slide on Protective Sleeves help to protect your straps from damage and wear.

Part#        Size
38-SL2     18″ Long, fits 2″ Webbing
38-SL3     18″ Long, fits 3″ Webbing
38-SL4     18″ Long, fits 4″ Webbing


B/A Products Co. has been creating and manufacturing straps and web slings since 1980. We are proud to have helped to set the standards across the towing industry and stand by our products. Please see the information below and note the differences in the strap types before choosing which strap is the best fit for you. Webbing Manufactured in the USA. WEBBING TAGS: All assemblies sewn by B/A Products Co. have a tag which identifies the material and the Work Load Limit of the assembly. General sizes and styles are shown in our attached list but remember if you need a custom length or product, we are here to help! It’s as good as done. (800) 327-3301 WARRANTY INFO SPECS & USAGE      
Weight 1 lbs